Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Musing on Natural Gas Commercial

I came across this natural gas commercial and I like it so much. I am not going to discuss pros and cons of burning natural gas. I see in this commercial how with our knitting and other needlework we warm our homes and families, make our loved ones feel comfortable and cozy because we put warmth of our hearts and our love in what we do. I think the crew made amazing creative work.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Home Sweet Home illustration, so comforting.

  2. By the way, I am so happy to have found a russian sewist blogger that I can speak to. I learned russian at school but I am so sad I forgot most of it. I visited moscw and Odessa in 1979 lol.
    You must be the one person that can answer a question that has been a mystery for me till now ???
    How do do you explain that russian dressmakers are so experts. I am always in awe when I admire the gallery on Burda site.
    Why is Burda so popular over there and do you use other pattern brands?
    I know this might take some time to answer.
    Here's my email : mnlafosse@orange.fr
    Have a nice day