Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Knitted Christmas Presents

Since I noticed that there are quite few readers from Russia visiting my blog I decided to duplicate it in Russian as well. Let it be a novelty of 2013 :)
Т.к. статистика показывает, что мой блог читает достаточно много читателей из России, я решила дублировать сообщения на русском языке. Как всегда начинать лучше с Нового года :)

After the busy Christmas time when I worked as a tourist guide for my visiting friends, I am finally ready to show knitted and crochet projects that I made as Christmas presents. Both knitted scarfs are Kim Hargreaves's designs. I noticed that I become more and more addicted to her books. I like how precise and carefully elaborated they are. Not to mention classical and very British style of her patterns.
После суматошных новогодних каникул, когда я выполняла роль гида для своих гостей, я наконец могу похвастаться вязаными подарками, которые я приготовила к Новому году. Это два вязаных шарфа, оба по дизайнам Ким Харгривз. Мне все больше и больше нравятся её модели, особенно то, как тщательно и детально составлены описания. Кроме того, мне близок сдержанный и консервативный (или классический) стиль её моделей.

Adore scarf from book Misty. I used two skeins of Lanosa Chinchilla (~ 500 meter in total), needles # 5. This scarf is very delicate and airy.
Шарф из книги Мисти. 2 мотка=500 метров Ланоса Шиншилла, спицы №5. Очень нежная воздушная вещь.
 The second present is also scarf but is a completely different one, very thick and warm. The pattern is Thunder from Shadows book. The yarn is Rowan Cocoon, 3,5 skeins knitted on needles # 6,5. I call it Thunder in Tundra because yarn colour called Tundra.
Второй шарф - полная противоположность, очень теплый и толстый. Пряжа Кокон от Рован, ушло 3,5 мотка, осталось еще на шапочку. Цвет пряжи называется Тундра :), то, что надо для нашего климата :).
The third present is not for a person but for my kitchen :). Since I try to get rid of yarn leftovers I used some of them to crochet place mats. The pattern is a free DROPS design .
Третий подарок я сделала для своей кухни. Т.к. стараюсь освобождаться от остатков пряжи, связала крючком вот такие коврики для кухонного стола. Описание на сайте Дропс.

Also as a part of stash busting made this little pulse warmers. I had very little leftover of kidsilk and I found this mittens to utilise it.
Заодно покажу еще один маленький проектик, для утилизации остатков пряжи. У меня было совсем чуть-чуть кид силка, куда-то хотелось пристроить. Нашлись вот эти митенки.

Till later :)

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Winter Knitting

Winter came to Moscow and we have already a lot of snow. I hear often "you live in Russia and you are accustomed to cold", but No, I am not, I like feel warm and cosy.
This year I made another scarf for myself. It is more than two meters long and very warm and makes a nice wrap. I tried to use this yarn in some other patterns but they didn't get much wear so I decided to find it a proper use finally. I work on cleaning my yarn stash and try to use the remainders of yarn from previous projects.
The pattern for the scarf is Heath by Kim Hargreaves.

To the scarf I added a new hat. The pattern is from some French magazine.

More later as usually! Have a Happy Holiday season!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sheath Dress (Burda 9/2012-109)

I envy people who know how to choose the best pattern for the particular fabric. I don't have this talent and for me it's always a gamble and the result is a surprise. With sheath dress from September issue of Burda magazine the sirprise turned out to be a pleasant one. The fabric didn't need any complicated pattern to show off. At the same time this pattern has some interesting details like a boat neckline and long side darts that spice it up.

The dress is versatile and can be dressed up and down. No wonder, this apply to sheath dresses, that's why they are so popular.

More later... Happy sewing!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Gray vs.Grey (Chaise & Asma by Kim Hargreaves)

It's time to sweep dust from my blog. I didn't write for quite a wile without any apparent reason. I made very little sewing last summer but did make some knitting. Since the season for summer knits has passed already I will follow the weather and give an account of winter knits.

Both patterns are from Kim Hargreaves books. First one is Chaise from Winter Blooms. Last year when I was in Venice I bought two gorgeous yarns (I try not to think about the price though). The first one is pure cashmere from Grignasco.

It became a Chaise, A Most Classic Sweater, as it defined in Kim Hargreaves book. That's exactly what I was aiming at. When the yarn is so precious the design should be classical and very simple.

Another yarn that I brought from Venice is Filatura Di Crosa Superior, a softest blend of cashmere and silk. It's of gorgeous colour of hyacinth. I bought only two skeins and they are still waiting for some beautiful scarf/shawl pattern.

The second project is Asma from the last KH book Enchanted. The yarn is from my stash, a blend of wool, alpaca and acrylic. I like 3/4 sleeves as at the model picture

but in my case it turned out almost long sleeve. I don't know what's the reason, I followed the pattern instruction to the letter.

I very much like the buttons, they add charm to this otherwise quite simple model. Difficult to take pictures of them because of glitter.

That's it for the moment. I knitted and crochetted some small things as I am cleaning up my yarn stash and getting rid of yarn leftovers, try to keep my stash lean and organised. I've also finished one sewing project lately, another dress, will show it as soon as I take pictures. The dress is from Burda magazine 9/2012-109.

Hope the next post will appear soon :)))

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Scissor Fob

A little scissor fob with peoni on one side and a peacock motive on the other side.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pansy Pincushion

Since I took up sewing I didn't have a proper thing to stick pins into. Finally I decided to change the situation and make a pretty pincusion. It is cross stitched and decorated with gold thread and beads. The only problem is that I hesitate to stick pins into it :).

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Crochet Lace Jacket (Маленькая Diana 4/2010-4)

Something crocheted for a change... Don't know why I crochet rarely? It is fun and the result looks good usually. Maybe I will crochet a summer dress.