Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ruby Silk Shell (Burda 04/2011-114)

I bought this ruby Chinese silk with jacquard pattern because I just felt that I must own it. It is not the colour I normally wear and would never use it to make a full attire, so I decided to use it to accessorise my "parade" black RTW suit.
I used the pattern from April issue of Burda magazine, only lengthened it several centimeters.

 Here is my shell. The picture with the suit shows the original colour best of all.
The colour is not correct here

I still find this Carmen red-black combination too dramatic for my colouring, should try this shell with other pieces in my wardrobe and probably find better combinations.
Here is a closer look to the accessories. Christmas tree brooche I've bought years ago from Harrod's and Venice glass earrings.

The picture was taken at the residence of the French Ambassador in Moscow. I always wanted to see inside of this building, which I think is the one of the prettiest houses in Moscow. It reminds a gingerbread house. Here are some pictures of the outside view.

And few more pictures of the interiors.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year! May the New Year come with joy, happiness, love and prosperity!
Thank you for your attention to my blog, hope to see you here next year :)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Very Simple Summer Dress (Burda 6/2011-107)

The Christmas is around the corner and I am still posting about summer projects :). I admit I haven't been blogging actively lately.
After sewing several flowery projects for Summer I finally got a desire for some one-colour and very plain pattern. I made a choice in favour of this dress from June issue of Burda magazine.

The fabric is rayon but it is so soft and nice to touch that feels like silk. The colour is pale gray blue and has jacquard pattern.

Though it looks very simple it was rather expensive. When I've just started sewing I was hesitant to buy expensive fabrics because was not sure that I will not spoil them with my sewing. I wonder about other dressmakers, when you've started sewing, did you spend money on expensive fabrics or like me opted for budget cloth?
But some fabrics are so appealing that I just can't resist buying them. Together with this blue rayon I bought a piece of  ruby Chinese silk. Normally I don't wear that bright colours but that one was so beautiful, I couldn't keep myself from owning it. I will report about this project next time.
So here is the finished dress. The pattern is very simple, literally only a couple of stitches.

I am very happy with this dress. I made it in August and had a chance to wear it a couple of times before Autumn arrived. It is very simple and understated but it immediately became my favourite out of all summer sewing projects.
Here is a small Swarovsky brooch that I use to accessorise it.