Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Swarm of Spiders Cardigan and Where's my mojo?

My blog was rather quiet for a while. As many others I ran astray due to holiday's season but the real reason is that I was discouraged by failure of my last sewing project. However during this time I completed two knitting projects and here is the first one.
The pattern is from the Italian knitting magazine Mani di Fata (April 2007).

On the sewing side I've completed a new jersey dress using a pattern from November 2011 issue of Diana Moden magazine.
Here's my dress
The pattern is not difficult at all BUT I made a mistake and here's how the back looks like. It has a bubble on the back and the top end of the zip perks out.

I need to unstitch the back and change everything now. It sits this way since end of November and I don't start any other projects because I know that if I'll start a new one I'll never come back to fix this one. I wore it once though and found out that it needs lining as well. I have already  bought a knitted lining fabric but again, lining doesn't come easy to me. Yet another reason to hesitate and postpone.
Ending on the positive note, I am ready to fix this setback at last because I want to move to some other  projects already.

Hope to come back soon with the amended dress and the second knitting project.