Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Swarm of Spiders Cardigan and Where's my mojo?

My blog was rather quiet for a while. As many others I ran astray due to holiday's season but the real reason is that I was discouraged by failure of my last sewing project. However during this time I completed two knitting projects and here is the first one.
The pattern is from the Italian knitting magazine Mani di Fata (April 2007).

On the sewing side I've completed a new jersey dress using a pattern from November 2011 issue of Diana Moden magazine.
Here's my dress
The pattern is not difficult at all BUT I made a mistake and here's how the back looks like. It has a bubble on the back and the top end of the zip perks out.

I need to unstitch the back and change everything now. It sits this way since end of November and I don't start any other projects because I know that if I'll start a new one I'll never come back to fix this one. I wore it once though and found out that it needs lining as well. I have already  bought a knitted lining fabric but again, lining doesn't come easy to me. Yet another reason to hesitate and postpone.
Ending on the positive note, I am ready to fix this setback at last because I want to move to some other  projects already.

Hope to come back soon with the amended dress and the second knitting project.


  1. Eine sehr schöne Strickjacke, die Passform ist perfekt!!!
    Und das Kleid gefällt mir auch sehr!
    Ich bin immer ein wenig neidisch über Deine wunderschönen Stoffe. Sie sind immer sehr besonders und einzigartig schön.

    Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz
    von Sabine

  2. Such a pretty cardigan, love the delicate pattern. We all have those sewing projects that take us by surprise, does the dress need a zip to get it on and off? Lining is not hard, it is just another dress joined at the facing or neckline, take your time, it is such a lovely dress not to fix.

  3. It is a beautiful sweater. I am sorry the dress has problems. The fabric is lovely and unusual. Definitly worth fixing!

  4. Lovely knitting, fabulous sweater. Thank you so much for mentioning Diana Moden, I really enjoy pattern sewing books and found one on line! Your dress is so nice with the border print design.

  5. Oh, my! You took wonderful holiday ... Love, love quite that cardigan! Please do not be discouraged by the bubble in the back of the dress, the garment is beautiful, so be brave and fix it to use ... I'm looking forward to this ...