Sunday, 26 June 2011

Unpacking Me-Made Vacation Wardrobe

When I received February issue of Burda magazine and was hooked by its Italian pages I didn't know that I am going to have Italian vacation this year. But Burda continued Italian theme in May issue and I sewed another piece from these pages. As I moved on with my sewing, vacation idea gradually materialized and became tangible. At the end of June I was lucky to spend one week in Venice, the unreal fairy tale city. I was absorbing it with all my sences and enjoyed every single minute.
Here are the Me-Made garments that I took on this vacation trip.

Summer Dress (Burda 2/2011-101)

Tunic Top (Burda 5/2011-103)
Capri pants (Burda 5/2011-124)

This pants have loose fit that makes them very comfortable for travelling.

I made this hat just a couple of days before the trip more for fun than for practical reason but it came out very useful for trip on the motorboat to and from airport  since it was very windy.
It is made from leftover Ikea fabric (after making this pillow). The hat pattern is from Burda Easy Fashion Summer 2008 magazine. Easy project, took me not more than two hours to make it.

I also wore this combination of lacy mohair jacket and sundress in the evenings, no photos though.
It was nice to wear Me-Made garments though they are yet far from being perfect. And of course the trip inspired me to make more sewing plans.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Tunic Top (Burda 5/2011-103)

A simple silk summer tunic. It is made from the old silk dress which was not old but never worn and then went out of fashion. Since it is wonderful natural silk I couldn't just throw it away and wanted to use it to make something new for hot summer weather.
It is a very simple project suitable for beginners. Made no changes in the pattern, only shortened it to the length that fits me better.


Lacy Mohair Jacket

I made this lacy mochair jacket to complement this sundress.
The pattern is from Rebecca #39. It took only two skeins of yarn, total 50 g/420 m. It is so light, I can barely feel it at my skin. I used double thread for neck and front edging only (in the original pattern all ribs are maid using double thread).
I also found a match in my wardrobe for another Burda summer dress.

I knitted this wrap jacket last year and tried to match it with different pieces in my wardrobe. Now I think it has found its perfect match. The pattern is from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2009. It looks complicatd but the pattern was not difficult at all.

Capri Pants (Burda 5/2011-124)


Retro style Capri pants inspired by images of my favourite classic actresses Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn.

I like colourful summery print at Doris Day's capris and if I had more leisure and vacation time in my life I would love to make something like this. But since I spend most of the time in the city I chose more classical print. It is black and white fine check in retro style. The fabric is a blend of cotton, polyester and lycra.

I think Burda very much reproduced the real 50s pattern. Just compare this picture with Burda pattern.

I didn't make any changes in the pattern, the only alteration I've made, I took ~ 1 cm in side seems below the pockets.  

I am pleased with Burda retro style patterns that they include in several last issues. As many others I am fond of that period and find 50s fashion very appealing.

Now after finishing this pants I need to think about some matching top. Of course I can wear them with my regular T-shirts and tops but I like how in 50s they complimented Capri pants with close-fitting blouses and jumpers like at the following pictures.

This wrap blouses and the whole outfits are beautiful. Should think about making something like this.