Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Jersey Dress (Burda 8/2011-116)

I haven't been posting much last time so I still have some things to report about that I made at the end of summer.

This simple dress with small kimono sleeves and hanging collar I finished in August but didn't even had a chance to wear it, the weather turned to the autumn so fast.

Not much to report about this dress, the stitching was fast and easy. Except for my first attempt to make it using other fabric which ended in turning into a top :).
After this first failure I  researched all finished versions of this model at Burda web site forum and decided that mine should be made from very thin and flowing jersey.
The only problem with this sort of jersey was that the collar just hanged flat without making nice  drapes which is the main feature of this dress. To overcome this I added fusible interfacing to the collar. And I didn't make pockets in side seams.

As for the rest I just followed the instructions.
Arms trimming

Now I only have to wait till the next summer when I could wear this dress.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Knitted Top (Diana Moden)

Knitted top from Diana Moden magazine 4/2011-13.

I don't use original Diana patterns much but this one was could change my opinion. It is simple, didn't need any alterations and fits nicely.
I would love to write that I was going to sew the long sleeves top from the beginning but this would be untruth. This beautiful knit border fabric was expected to become this Burda pattern. I did make this dress later using another fabric, will post about it in a different post.

But I couldn't fit the pattern into the piece of fabric that I had and to coordinate it with the border print.
So I cut the dress from the La Mia Boutique magazine 03/2011-12 (ШиК 8/2011).

Even though I added 1,5 cm on each side seam which in total makes 6 cm the dress was tight in hip area and fit badly (even with my bottom measurements being smaller than LMB measurement scale). With my previous exciting experience with LMB knit dress I was quiet relaxed when started with this pattern. The pattern was not only very tight but has a very peculiar sleeves as well. So I left with a cut piece of the lovely fabric. I trasformed it to the top from Diana magazine and it worked like miracle. Not only the top fits well but the sewing was relaxing and fast, actual stitching took not more than two or three hours. I didn't have enough fabric left for long sleeves and had to add cuffs. They are still a bit short but I can live with it.
I love this fabric in top pattern even more than when it was a dress and as a bonus it coordinate well with my long knitted vest that I showed here.