Monday, 7 March 2011

Long Vest - Junghans-Wolle Modell 228/0, Damenweste

The pattern is in German but the chart and blueprint are very clear. I used Orlana Magic yarn 50% wool, 50% acryl, 490m/100g. It took just a little bit more than 200g. Needles # 3,5 for the main part and # 3 for edging. The description is free and could be found here Modell 228/0, Damenweste aus Bamboo-Cotton
True colour is at the second picture. It is not grey but beige with rosy shade.

This winter I made mostly headwear/neckwear garments. This vest is the only one "big" thing I've  done.
I still have in plans two small neck/head things to do before moving to summer knitting.

Yesterday I watched again a wonderful French film "Ensemble c'est tout". I have it in my collection and this is a movie that always helps to improve my mood though I always have tears at my eyes when watching it. It is based on the novel by Anna Gavalda (Zusammen ist man weniger allein: Roman (German Edition)Просто вместе, Hunting and Gathering) It is a story of ordinary people with their problems, pains, bagage and fears. The novel as well as a film is very simple and very kind. Both the novel and the movie are beautiful. I think I found one of the music themes from the movie. It's Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto for violin.


  1. Маш, обновка хороша! Как раз классно к празднику! Прекрасного тебе 8-го Марта!

  2. Wow, It's really beautiful! I love the color and weight vest on you. I'm sure you will use it a lot in the summer and intermediate seasons. I will return here often and you can find in Raverly also like Avene.

  3. Лидочка, спасибо. Да это не к празднику, так на каждый день. Долго вязалось что-то, постоянно отвлекалась на мелочевку всякую.

    Rosy, thank you. You are always welcome :-))