Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"Haste Makes Waste"

I reworked the jersey dress I complained about in the previous post.

The reason for that bubble at the back was that I soaked the cloth before sewing and hang it to dry. The sides of the fabric stretched and I cut it as it was. What a fool I was! This kind of things happens when I want to finish a garment quickly, usually in one day. I sew mostly on weekends and sometimes delaying half-ready garment for another week just burns my hands. 'Haste makes waste' as they say.
So I had to spend extra time unripping the back, removing the zipper and steam ironing the back to return it to a normal size. It's amazing how ironing could make miracles to sewing!
I didn't put the zipper back because I can easily get into the dress without it. But I added lining made from thin rayon knit and now I am more or less content with the result.
The dress is very comfortable and I wore it several times already.

I've been thinking about making a little black dress next but spontaneously bought another knitted fabric and have already started a wrap dress. It is a variation of Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress.
HeathersSphere from SEWspicious Minds recently published a nice collection of patterns for wrap dresses. I don't have access to all these patterns so I turned to my collection of Burda Moden magazines. I am going to use the pattern #115 from 5/2006.

This is a fabric I am going to use for this dress. My camera can't capture the real colour, in reality it is darker and has more khaki hue.

I decided not to rush with this dress but make everything slowly and very accurately.

Some new finished knitting projects. A new hat and scarf for my son since it was rather cold here. I used free patterns from Junghans-Wolle web site. I like their patterns, they are so clear and precise, it is always a pleasure to use them and they turn out well.

 See you later!