Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sundress (Burda 2/2011-104)

Well, it may sound strange but there is another piece from February issue of Burda magazine...
It is a summer dress from the Italian pages again. It looks very similar to the previous one but it is summer and I hope that temperatures will climb and I need several dresses :).
The fabric is medium weight cotton with elastan.

This pattern is a petite size and this did create some problems. Based on my experience with the the previous summer dress (Burda 2/2011-101) I cut size 38 but I lengthened the shoulder pieces a little bit. But I forgot to rise the neck-line. Again, Burda patterns have very open neck-lines, I should keep it in mind in the future.
I made the waist-line a bit more relaxed, not that close fitting as in the first dress. I also omitted pockets in the side seams.
The sewing was not difficult but the dress turned out to have a low neck-line again. Well, it is a casual summer dress so not a big problem, and I consider knitting a light matching cotton cardi to wear with it.

But I am still not over and done with this February issue of Burda magazine. There is a couple more patterns that tempt me. They are not in the first lines of my To Sew list but I would love to make them sometime.


Oh, and no flower prints for a while ;)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Summer Dress (Burda 2/2011-101)

One more piece from the February issue of Burda magazine.
For me it was a difficult project, I was ready to give up several times. I traced the pattern size 42 according to my measurements in the Burda magazine. It looked big and the decollete looked too big. So I decided to make a muslin first. The neck-line was really low and all the top was too big. So I went two sizes down, to 38 and even after that I had to take in a bit at the shoulder line.
The lining made from thin cotton 80 cm wide. I used only one width of fabric for each front and back parts of the skirt lining. The outer part of the skirt has been cut according to the pattern. The fabric of the outer part is rayon.

I think that subconsciously I was inspired by Doris Day floral dress in The Man Who Knew Too Much . After I finished the dress I realised that the print looks very similar.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Simple Sheath Dress (Simplicity 2552)

I wanted to make a light dress with 3/4 sleeves for spring. Fabric is a lustrous rayon.
I used the Simplicity 2552 pattern but it's a sleeveless dress so I used the sleeves from another Simplicity pattern 2337. Not ideal option though, wouldn't recommend it, required a lot of fitting.