Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Beauty, Books and Inspiration

The picture is from my trip to Venice

I've been feeling a little bit down lately. Since the end of the winter after all snow has gone we have such an ugly weather, everything is so grey, dull and dirty. It was return of snowfall for a week, then followed by a week of rainy, windy and cold weather. On top of it the news lines every day make me sick. I am so desperate for beauty. Seeing beautiful pictures of lush greenery and blue skies on the blogs I follow is a real treat.
It made me seeking some inspiration and thinking about how can people create beauty in life when they have no influence on their milieu. I was looking for some inspiration and role models that I can follow.
First one that came to my mind was the Virgin Mary. She lived in the city of Nazareth in the middle of the desert and the family was poor. I've been trying to imagine her everyday environment and how she lived. I am sure she managed to turn into beauty everything she touched.
My second choice of inspiration is my all times favorite "Jane Eyre", especially the chapter when she moved in a small school cottage in Morton. Jane Eyre has always been my favourite heroine, since my childhood.
My other favorite book is "Little Women". I like reading the description of their modest but cozy living room, how they plan presents for their mother and how they manage their resources.
Another favourite of mine is a novel by Nina Fedorova  "The Family".  It has been published in 1940 and I guess it hasn't been reprinted since that time but I can't recommend it more. It's a real gem. "The family" is a fragments of a big aristocratic family who live in exile in China after the 1917 Russian revolution. A Grandmother, a Mother, a young granddaughter and two nephews. They have literally no money but remain so beautiful in their attitude towards each other and outer world, show such a wonderful example of christian love and support to those in need and devotion to their friends. I think this book deserves five stars. If you ever have a chance to read it, I can't recommend it more.

The postcard I placed at my desk. 
A painting by Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky (1844).

 What inspires you?

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