Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bella Italia (Burda Magazine 2/2011, Jacket #108)

This weekend I finished the Cropped Jacket from La Dolce Vita section of February issue of Burda magazine and watched a new movie Certified Copy (Copie Conforme) where action takes place in beautiful  Tuscany.

The movie is about a couple's relationship. I expected to see a French romantic film but in reality I would rate it almost as art-house cinema. It is difficult both because half of the movie we see a couple trying to sort out difficult relationships and also because the film director Abbas Kiarostami doesn't disclose the real past of the characters and finish the film unexpectadly abrupt. It is very thought provoking movie, gives a lot of things to think about but it is not an easy show. I would say that it is even discouraging. Juliette Binoche won the 2010 Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Award for her performance.

Another Italian thing makes me feel more positive. As I mentioned (in this post) one of the things I was going to make was the cropped jacket. The same day I bought the magazine I came across this fabric and it immediately clicked together with the jacket pattern.

So here is the result.

For me as a beginner the pattern was challenging and though it has more detailed instructions than usual I had to refer to my sewing books several times.But I learnt a lot from this pattern.

I was planning to make a matching pencil skirt with godet from the same issue but I changed my plans because this fabric has no stretch in it. I still keep  in plans matching skirt but will use another pattern.


  1. What a beautiful jacket you have made using the border fabric! It was the perfect fabric for this pattern.

  2. Very nice, indeed, but I think you have more slopend schoulders than the average... Don't be hurt, I have a Japanese friend who thinks that a women is more beutiful with such schouders, more elegant
    I agree with him.
    Do you know what to do to check the pattern using the Vogue methode?
    Carmen in the Netherlands

  3. Maria, what fabric did you use? A Russian fabric?

  4. Hello Carmen! Thank you for visiting my blog. The fabric is Italian but bought in Russia. I don't know the Vogue methode unfortunately. Vogue is not that wide spread here, neither patterns, no books. I own and use Singer and Burda books. Would appreciate if you could post a link to this methode (if it exists).
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Lovely jacket, I love the fabric pattern and design.