Sunday, 9 December 2012

Winter Knitting

Winter came to Moscow and we have already a lot of snow. I hear often "you live in Russia and you are accustomed to cold", but No, I am not, I like feel warm and cosy.
This year I made another scarf for myself. It is more than two meters long and very warm and makes a nice wrap. I tried to use this yarn in some other patterns but they didn't get much wear so I decided to find it a proper use finally. I work on cleaning my yarn stash and try to use the remainders of yarn from previous projects.
The pattern for the scarf is Heath by Kim Hargreaves.

To the scarf I added a new hat. The pattern is from some French magazine.

More later as usually! Have a Happy Holiday season!

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  1. Snow for Christmas, how wonderful. Moscow must look beautiful. We have bad floods in Britain and many people are without homes for Christmas. Our house in on a hill so we keep dry. Please send us some Christmas snow!! Wishing you a happy Christmas and lots of 'stitching fun' in 2013. Eli x