Sunday, 14 August 2011

Men's linen shirt (Burda 06/2011-138) and some trifles

Summer linen shirt and a hat for my son.

Burda 06/2011-138
I enjoyed working with linen, such a wonderful fabric. I would love to sew something from linen for myself as well. The only problem that it wrinkles so easily, so it would be something very casual, for vacation wardrobe.

Two other small projects are the hat and the pot holder. The pattern for the hat is Simplicity 5581.

Simplicity 5581

Burda 08/1989

The pot holder was my first  try on patch-work. I chose this very small project just to see how to do this. This pattern was published in Burda magazine 08/1989 along with some other lovely bigger projects.

Besides trying quilting this project satisfied my inclination for recycling and nonwaste living. Maybe it is because I was raised by my grandmother who survived revolution and two wars and used to save everything, or just my inborn sense of  responsibility but I hate wasting things. So I made this potholder from scraps of  fabric that I used for my sewing projects.


  1. What a nice hat! Your son is a cutie!

  2. Oh! So much fun sewing for the children, they are very grateful and happy. Love this project!

  3. Thank you for calling at my blog. I love all the clothes you are making. I used to make all my own dresses, skirts and blouses but now my knitting has taken over my time. In Britain we don't have so much pretty fabric these days and (like you say) I do not like fabric that creases. Happy stitching to you Maria, you are making lovely things.