Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Short Summer Coat with Welt Pockets (Burda 02/2011-112)

I stick to my sewing plans and here is the third garment from February issue of Burda magazine. Almost in time whiles spring finally arrived to Moscow by quickly jumping form a little above zero to +19C last weekend.

Fabric: In the store they called it Polyrayon (does it mean pilyester/rayon blend ?), it has some stretch in it so I think it contains elastan as well.
Lining: Checkered fabric is a vintage piece of lining from my mothers summer coat from 60s. The piece was not big enough for the lining and the back and sides of lining are made from one-coloured rayon.

As usually I learn something new with each project. This time I made welt pockets and full lining for the first time. I should admit that I almost screwed up the pockets because I didn't sew the sides of the welt pieces before attaching them and realised that I made a mistake only after I have already cut the pockets.
Another weird moment happend when attaching sleeves lining. Of course for the first time I made it completely wrong ;).
As for the rest the instructions they were easy to follow and I find this project not very complicated. Though at the beginning I worried about making the lining it was not that difficult, probably because the pattern is loose-fitting and has simple cut.
I didn't make any alterations though the pattern is for the tall figure. But I think that the pockets are in the right place and didn't feel need for any changes. I was not sure that this silhouette would be good for my body type but I am quite happy with the end result.


  1. I agree this silhouette is a good one for you. It is a lovely coat for spring. You were so clever to use the plaid fabric for the facings of the sleeves and front. It looks very chic, and reminds me of the plaid linings used on the expensive Burberry raincoats.

  2. Your summer coat looks very good on you, a perfect silhouette. Congratulatins on your welt pockets and lining you have done a wonderful job.

  3. Audrey, Sharon, thank you for your lovely comments!

  4. Beautiful! Make union square fabric lining with a really cunning, his coat on top of you seems to be lined with fabric squares completely. You look mysterious and elegant using it. Awesome!